Our Products And Services

The company 'HAIRI FARMS AND POULTRY LIMITED' was incorporated on 9th July, 1998 with RC No 338123. The primary vision is to be involved in areas of practical farming, including Poultry Production and Grains Marketing. The Company has acquired approximately over 158 hectres of fertile and fully accessible farm land between Zaria and Kano environs in Nigeria. It is an integrated agricultural company with the following sections or special operational farms.

Hairi Fish Farms was opened in 2005 after a lease agreement with Hadejia – jama’are River Basin Development Authority (HJRBDA) to commence Fish farming culture at 4 of its biggest Water Reservoirs in Kadawa, Kano State. In the past years the Company has cultured various species of fish including Catfish, Tilapia and Hetrotis. As at date, the Company has over half a million catfish and Hetrotis in two of the Reservoirs of over 147,000 Sqm of water.

100% of fish farming by the company is in natural water environment. Breeding varieties of fishes in natural water reservoirs that has functional inlets and outlets in a unique River Basin Water Reservoir. This unique project consists of four (4) water bodies within 5 kilometres radius.

a. Automated Battery Cage Poultry Production.

b. Modern Grasscutter Production

c. Specialized Local Chicken Production

d. Sudanese Sheep and Rams Rearing

e. Cow Rearing
f. Modern Goat Rearing.

The Farm also has recently constructed Goats pen to accommodate about 500 special crossbreed goats.


This is located at Tankarau Village in Zaria Local Government Area. The Farm is 37 hectares in size with the following Fruit trees, Plant Nurseries and Orchards:
a. Orchards for Hybrid Mangoes (8554 stands); Custard Apples (1021 stands); Hybrid Pawpaw (3514 stands) and Sour Apples (746 stands).

b. Moringa Plants (21,000 stands) planted hybrid seedlings

c. Seedlings Units for Mangoes, Moringa, Pawpaw and Special flowers.
d. FADAMA Rice (32 Hectares).
e. General Farrming of Soya Beans, Groundnuts and Sorghum.


The Company is also engaged in importation of Agricultural inputs including, Family Drip irrigation Units, dissolve Fertilizer and other agricultural sub-input. Its also planning to start exportation of its products especially Poultry Eggs to West African Sub-region. The Company has also been involved in supply of grains to State Governments for their Strategic Grain Reserves.


The proposed plantation is located around Mararaba (Zaria- Kaduna Road) with about 37 Hectares of land. The Farm is acquired for Latropha Plantations as well as the proposed Green house for seedlings as well as vegetable. It is expected to be the first of its kind around the State.

1. Poultry Feed Mills producing Chick Starter, Grower Puller, Layer Mash, Broiler Mash, Fish Mash etc. (Under construction - 75% completed) All accessories imported and delivered to site.
2. Pulp Carton Egg Crate Machine - installed and undergoing test run phase. This is packaged to supply a greater percentage of Poultry Crate needs of the 11 Northern States of Nigeria and beyond.
3. Hydraulic Powered Bore-hole Driller for Arid and semi-arid water prospecting.
4. A good assortment of Mechanised implements..like Harrows, ploughs, harvesters, Backhoes, Dozer, Ridgers etc plus accompanying tractor heads.

1. Tohu Village along Sakadadi Road, Sabongari L.G.A., Zaria.
2. Tankarau Villages Farms, along Old Birnin-Gwari Road, Zaria L.G.A.
3. Kangimi Village Farm in Igabi L.G.A.