Company Administration and Personnel

Hairi Farms and Poultry Ltd. as was incorporated on 9th July, 1998 with RC No 338123, to run an integrated agricultural venture is administered and staffed by very capable, sound minded and seasoned Business Adminstrators, Managers, Engineers, Agro-Science Consultants, as well as, well trained Tehnicians in the various fields necessary to meet the Company's targets and achieved its set goals, of complete customer satisfaction, profitabilty, accountability and Environmental/Animal protection.

The Company has been steadily growing and now has 67 Staff including both specialized skills and routine Admin. Staff:-


A graduate of 1982, He is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Company. A former Director in Government Public Service, he has been involved in farming even in his days as Public Servant.

DALHAT has trained in various fields of Agricultural Management and Extension inputs. He has participated in various Agricultural Fairs in Nigeria, Israel, India and Malaysia. DALHAT is also Chairman of four (4) other active Companies in Nigeria.


A graduate of 1983, he is the General Manager of the Company. He has been involved from the start in the structural development of all the Farms and has attended various trainings /seminars in Agricultural sub-input.

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